[Campus] End of Year Purchasing Deadlines

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Wed Mar 19 17:40:30 CDT 2014

Please note the following Purchasing deadlines for requisitions, open,
blanket and other purchase orders.

The last day the Purchasing Department will accept any 2013-14 requisition
that requires a bid and will be charged to any budget where funds must be
spent by June 30 is April 11.  The Purchasing Department
will not process any such requisition received after said date, regardless
of the date entered and approved.

Requisitions charged to budgets where the funds do not have to be spent by
June 30 will be accepted until May 16 if bidding is not required.
However, if the requisition must go out for bid, it must be received by
April 25. Remember, many things you may think are an emergency and/or sole
source will have to be bid.  If a requisition does not need to be entered
until after July 1, 2014, please refrain from doing so.

All requisitions received after the above mentioned dates will not be
processed.  If there is an emergency or if something must be received by a
certain date, a document text note must be entered describing the
situation. This does not guarantee that the requisition will be processed.
Send in your requisition in a timely manner to ensure your order is made
in the 2013-14 fiscal year.

Open Orders and Blanket Orders will be closed out on May 16.  Invoices
dated as delivered after this date will not be paid by the University
unless advanced approval is obtained.

Merchandise from all orders made during the 2013-14 fiscal year must be
received and invoiced not later than June 27.  All orders not received by
June 27 may be canceled and the merchandise returned.

Direct Orders (under $5000.00) and State Contract Orders to out of town
vendors will be cut off after May 16. Direct Orders and State Contract
orders to local vendors, where the merchandise and invoice will be picked
up, may be used through June 2 provided that the invoice is forwarded to
the Accounts Payable Office for payment.

Bookstore Credit lines will be open until June 30.  Credit lines for the
2014-15 fiscal year are to be
submitted as needed. Remember that these credit lines are to be used for
departmental office supply purchases only.  Items needed from the
Bookstore other than office supplies must be purchased by entering a
requisition to the Bookstore.  Under no circumstance can personal items be
purchased on a Bookstore credit

Procurement Card purchases can be made until April 18.  Under no
circumstance can this method of purchase be
used after this date. Such purchases can resume July 1, 2014 if your
budget is available.

Please distribute this information to anyone under you supervision that
may initiate a requisition.

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